The Cichlid Scene – Big cichlids and big tanks abound. FAQ, stories, pics.
Tangled Up in Cichlids – Specialize in Central and South American cichlids, from the commonplace to the hard-to-find; call (908) 387-9858, fax (908) 387-9859 or email: for a price list.
Aquatic Care Aquarium ServicesFreshwater/Saltwater Since 1993.  One of the nice things about having a professional in your community is being able to look to them for help when you’re faced with the hard problems.  Todd, owner of ACAS has always been a valuable source of information and assistance. We highly recommend his services.
Cichlids of the SoutheastThe United Kingdom has their own batch of big cichlid enthusiasts.  From across the pond Danny Dovii and his crew maintain some of the nicest cichlids today in the hobby.  Make sure to check out the collection of excellent photographs and his forum.  They’ve taken the hobby to a whole new level.
JEHMCOI buy the majority of my foods from this company and have found that the products are superior.  The advice is always professional and courteous and I have never had a problem with payment or shipping.
Water WolvesThis excellent resources site and discussion board focuses on predatory and aggressive fish in the home aquaria.  There is a wide base of knowledge regarding the weird and unusual tank specimens.
The Cichlid Room CompanionEasily one of the best sites on the web to garner top notch information on cichlids.  Juan Miquel, Pam Chin and the bunch have made this site a must go to when you are looking for the hard to find information and articles.
Singapore Cichlid CommunityAn extremely nice site with a forum, gallery, product reviews and articles.  The webmaster does regular interviews with Cichlid enthusiasts of note.  Four stars.  Check it out.
The Cichlid Research Home PageThe home page of Dr. Ron Coleman, this site is an excellent source of basic information for the beginning aquarists as well as info for the pros.
American Cichlid AssociationMembership in USA is $25/year. Info and publications; bulletin board for hobbyists to buy and sell cichlids.
Real Cichlids Don’t Eat QuicheA fishkeeper’s photography site; Umbee heaven with pictures and information.
Mostly CichlidsGreat site for pikes and other South American cichlids; pics, info.
Planet CatfishPlanet Catfish should be the first stop of every fishkeeper when looking for information and advice on plecos and catfish.